Macon RAC Schedule

Fall 2019  Click here for a printable version.

Open: August 19-September 1; September 1-October 14; October 16-November 26; December 1-14
Tutoring labs closed on University holidays: September 2; November 27-30

For information on schedule changes or cancellations, click the following link: Schedule Notifications.

Note: You also have the option of using the Online Writing Lab (OWL) (click here for info) or the Math Online Tutor (click here for info).

Writing Lab - Academic Resource Center (Connell Student Center breezeway)
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
4:00-5:00pm   Dennis Kersey   Dennis Kersey    
5:00-6:00pm   Dennis Kersey   Dennis Kersey    
6:00-7:00pm   Dennis Kersey   Dennis Kersey    
7:00-8:00pm   Dennis Kersey   Dennis Kersey    


Math Lab - Academic Resource Center (Connell Student Center breezeway)
Students are welcome to attend math tutoring in the ARC's classroom, which hosts math tutoring Sunday-Thursday from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Online math tutoring is also available through the Math Online Tutor service. Please visit our website for more information: