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Explore common writing issues using the Easy Writer Seventh Edition handbook.

 Topic  Easy Writer, 7th Ed.  
 Identifying the purpose  p. 6  
 Articulating a purpose or formulating a response to a prompt    pp. 6-11
 Attending to context or audience   p. 7  
 Avoiding bias   pp. 243-247
 Passive voice   p. 286, p. 271
 Supporting each claim   pp. 12-14
 Argumentation and avoiding fallacies     pp. 48-60
 Organization and paragraphing   pp. 14-16
 Introduction and conclusion   p. 54
 Communicating ideas   pp. 2-6
 Inappropriate use of vernacular or contractions   p. 232, pp. 247-252  
 Quality of sources   pp. 91-99, pp. 109-110  
 Documenting sources   

 p. 29, pp. 99-106, pp. 110-111,  
 pp. 168-203 (APA style)  

 Understanding plagiarism and rewriting in your own words     pp. 106-113














Click a link below to explore one of the formatting style guides on the Purdue Online Writing Lab website.

 APA Style Guide 
 MLA Formatting and Style Guide   



Before submitting your work, review our mechanics checklist below. Page numbers from the Easy Writer Seventh Edition handbook are provided. Click on a topic to explore helpful internet resources.

Topic Easy Writer, 7th Ed.
 Sentence fragments    pp. 314-316, p. 242, p. 35  
 Run-on sentences and comma splices    pp. 311-314, pp. 33-34 
 Comma usage  pp. 318-326, p. 28, p. 30, pp. 32-33  
 Subject-verb agreement  pp. 290-296
 Pronoun-antecedent agreement     pp. 305-307, p. 34
 Pronoun case and pronoun reference  pp. 302-305, pp. 307-308, pp. 29-30  
 Verb tense consistency  pp. 281-283, p. 32
 Misplaced or dangling modifiers  pp. 299-302
 Faulty parallelism  pp. 268-270
 Missing or misused articles  pp. 287-290
 Plurals  pp. 331-332
 Possessives  pp. 330-332, pp. 302-303, p. 33
 Capitalization  pp. 341-344, p. 31
 Gerunds and infinitives  pp. 274-280
 Word choice and misspellings    pp. 247-255, pp. 27-28
 Prepositions  pp. 308-310, p. 31